The Legislature is likely to once again move the state and local primary day from Sept. 11, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said Monday.

Lawmakers have in previous years moved the state primary to the Thursday of that week when it falls on the anniversary of the terror attacks. This year, Sept. 11 is also the final day of Rosh Hashanah this year.

“I’m hoping that the Senate does it,” Heastie said. “We want to be respectful to what happened on Sept. 11 and two, we have a Jewish holiday observance. I think the Senate will pass that bill as well.”

But Heastie was less enthused with the idea of a compromise that would consolidate the state and congressional primaries, currently decoupled by a federal judicial order since 2012 in order to allow for timely access to military and overseas ballots.

Congressional primaries in New York are currently held at the end of June. Republicans in the state Senate have backed an August date. Heastie on Monday said he didn’t support holding a primary in July or August, which he said could depress turnout.

“We understand that we would like to have elections on only one day,” Heastie said. “For us, particularly in certain districts, you’re worried about turnout.”