Independent candidate for Congress Diane Neal moved to Hurley in Ulster County a few years ago after an uninsured driver, she said, broke her back in a crash.

The injury gave her a lot of time to read.

“I have parts of me that are a little bit of everything — kind of like most people in the country,” Neal said in an interview during a visit to the Capitol in Albany. “I don’t think anyone is one thing or this or that. We’re so partisan at the moment, so incredibly tribal and maybe if we can get to together and listen to each other without these labels I think we can make a difference.”

Neal, an actress who has appeared on shows like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Suits” has launched a bid for the 19th congressional district in the Hudson Valley. The district is expected to be one of those most competitive House races in the country and a host of Democrats have lined up to run against incumbent Republican Rep. John Faso.

Neal says she is yet to make up her mind on which party she would caucus with if elected, saying it would be great to be “in the middle” and have either side wanting her to join.

“How amazing would that be for the district? You would be able to get a lot of stuff,” she said, adding she would want to work with “honorable people, you could work with them.”

Still, Neal is supportive of a single-payer health care system — which has been a key plank for the national Democratic Party in recent years.

“A single payer health care system would be one of the biggest benefits to the economy,” she said. “It’s an infusion of cash.”

The 19th district has been the site of several high stakes House races in recent election cycles, several of which featured candidates whose ties to the district had been criticized for being relatively new.

Neal said she’s different.

“That’s my home. I’m there 24 hours a day. I know everyone in my local Stewart’s,” she said. “I haven’t been fantasizing about being president of the United States and I want to live there my entire life.”