Republicans on Friday resumed their attacks against Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid the ongoing trial of his former close aide Joe Percoco.

The state GOP committee released a statement analyzing the events laid out at the trial and Cuomo’s public schedule and where things intersected.

“This timeline of events leaves no doubt that the corrupt, micromanager Cuomo, whose office kept lists of major donors, also wanted the labor requirement to be dropped and illegally deployed his self-described enforcer to make it happen,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “The Governor was acting in the interest of doing a favor for the donors lining his campaign coffers and Mr. Percoco was acting in the interest of lining his own pockets. Both are corrupt and both benefited from their corrupt actions.”

The Percoco trial took a twist earlier this morning when it was revealed a key government witness in the case, Todd Howe, a former Albany consultant, had been arrested after his testimony on Thursday. A defense attorney for Percoco found Howe had disputed a credit charge at a hotel he had stayed at, potentially violating an agreement not to break that law following his plea deal with federal prosecutors.

Updated: State Democratic Committee Executive Director Geoff Berman responded.

“This conspiracy theory of the day is even sadder than the last one. It’s obvious the New York Republican strategy is to talk about anything and everything except the actual issues facing voters this year. If only they’d spend as much energy protecting and defending New York tax payers against the onslaught from Washington.”