Rstaurant workers say a boost in their minimum wage will help combat the harassment they face in the workplace as Gov. Andrew Cuomo considers a pay boost for workers who make less than the minimum wage.

“Sexual harassment is standard practice in the restaurant industry where employers are willing to profit off women but won’t pay them a fair wage,” said Saru Jayaraman, President and Co-Founder of ROC United, and author of Behind the Kitchen Door: The People Who Make and Serve Your Food. “With just a small change in policy New York can make a big difference for a majority female workforce. Governor Cuomo can cut sexual harassment in half right now with one fair wage”

There has been a push underway to boost the pay of those who earn tipped wages as Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month announced plans to hold hearings on the elimination of the tipped worker wage. Under current law, tipped workers in the food service sector earn a minimum wage of $7.50 to $8.65. Tips from customers are their main source of getting them up to the legal minimum wage of at least $10.40 or $13 in downstate counties.

The hope is that if restaurant workers rely less on tips they will be less likely to have to put with misconduct by a customer.