From the Morning Memo:

Two state lawmakers this week wrote to the CEO of Proctor & Gamble urging the company to repackage their Tide Pods product to be child resistant and have clear warning labels about ingesting the detergent.

“While our legislation would only protect New Yorkers, we urge Procter & Gamble and all manufacturers of colorful detergent pods to offer the same protections to the nation and immediately commit to the precautions set forth in our legislation,” wrote the lawmakers, Sen. Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas.

“It’s time that you recognized the danger to those least able to protect themselves from a poisonous product packaged like candy. If not, these products should be removed from store shelves as soon as possible.”

The letter comes after a wave of social media posts from young people showed them eating the pods as part of the so-called “Tide Pod challenge.”

The lawmakers have backed legislation that would require safer packaging for the detergent product. But their letter is also calling on Proctor & Gamble, which owns the Tide detergent brand, to make the changes nationally or have the products removed from shelves in stores.

In the letter, the lawmakers write not enough has been done by the company to stop the viral social media challenge.

“The recent ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ has created a new category of victims, with 86 cases of intentional exposure in the first three weeks of 2018 alone,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter.

“While your recent public service campaign to stem the video ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ is to be commended, it falls far short of what is needed to prevent the continuing problem of accidental poisonings, as opposed to intentional ingestion by teenagers.”