Over the weekend, The Daily Mail had an article about Cynthia Nixon shooting something in the city. It looked an awful lot like a campaign ad, but some have insisted it cannot possibly be that because she hasn’t officially opened up a campaign account to challenge Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic Primary for Governor. Well, it turns out it doesn’t always work that way. Money gets dumped into races all the time. Committees can get setup after the election is over and vendors can be told to hold the receipts. As one campaign veteran put it to me, “it’s frustrating but permitted.”

Well, here is some further evidence it was a campaign ad. Take a look at this photo.


The guy all the way on screen right with his face partially obscured looks a lot like this guy, Matt McLaughlin.



Matt McLaughlin is partners with Bill Hyers at WIN Strategies.


And Bill Hyers is advising Cynthia Nixon on a run for Governor. And as my Producer Extraordinaire Maggie Margolis at NY1 shows me, this video tells us even more.


By the way, this isn’t just me sleuthing. I was told by a source it is him.

Looks like Nixon is running, folks.