A bill announced Thursday by Sen. John Bonacic would legalize sports betting at casinos in New York.

The bill could only be made law pending the outcome of a Supreme Court case that is determining the legality of placing wagers on the outcomes of sporting events, potentially overturning a federal prohibition.

“New York State has historically been behind the curve in dealing with developments in the gaming world, and it has been to our detriment,” said Bonacic, a Republican from the Hudson Valley who is chairman of the Racing and Wagering Committee.

“If allowed, sports betting will be a revenue enhancer for education in New York. We have the chance to ensure our sports betting statute is fully developed and addresses the needs of the state and all stakeholders so we can hit the ground running if and when we can authorize and regulate sports betting.”

The provision is being presented as an update to enabling legislation approved for commercial casino gambling in New York. The casinos allowed under state law, all north of New York City, have struggled to meet revenue projections since opening.

Bonacic had previously signaled he would move forward with sports betting legislation after a hearing on the issue in January. The National Basketball Association, which sent representatives to the hearing, backed the legalization push.