State assistance for the struggling del Lago Casino in the Finger Lakes region may not be out of the question, but State Senator John Bonacic said it will not be part of this year’s budget bill. The downstate Republican said the topic is dead for now but he would like to see something done in the remaining months of session.

In the past few days, many members of his conference as well as the governor have railed against the request from del Lago, referring to it as a bailout. Bonacic said he sees it differently.

“It’s all their money to start with, so what are you doing? You’re just, the government is not getting as much of their money as they put in but I don’t see it as taxpayer money at all,” he said.

The casino has argued it did not reach revenue projections in its first year of operation, largely because competing Seneca Nation-run facilities were no longer paying the state and were using the extra money to lure customers. Del Lago pays 37.5 percent of its slot revenue and ten percent of its tables under the current agreement with the state.

It has not said exactly how much assistance it is asking from New York. State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer said he understood it to be a roughly $14 million tax break while Bonacic said the casino is asking for a ten percent market allowance.