Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a statement on Tuesday afternoon reacted to the corruption conviction of his former close aide Joe Percoco, calling the jury’s decision painful for him personally, but also for Percoco’s family.

“The jury has reached a verdict and I respect that decision. While I am sad for Joe Percoco’s young daughters who will have to deal with this pain, I echo the message of the verdict – there is no tolerance for any violation of the public trust,” Cuomo said.

“There is no higher calling than public service and integrity is paramount – principles that have guided my work during the last 40 years.”

This is the most extensive comment Cuomo has made on the case since the trial began earlier this year. He has refrained from publicly discussing the details of the case as well as the questions that have arisen from the testimony.

Cuomo added in the comment the case is something that must be learned from and made a call for “additional safeguards” but did not specify what should be done.

“The verdict demonstrated that these ideals have been violated by someone I knew for a long time. That is personally painful; however, we must learn from what happened and put additional safeguards in place to secure the public trust,” Cuomo said. “Anything less is unacceptable.”