Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview reiterated his call for transparency in school spending — a push he said has nothing to do with the primary challenge from actress and public education advocate Cynthia Nixon.

“I believe education is the civil rights issue of today,” Cuomo said in an interview on WNYC Friday morning. “This state funds education at the highest level in the nation per pupil. We are double the national average. In terms of funding it’s the highest in the nation.”

Cuomo has long pushed back against calls from public education advocates to increase annual school foundation aid in the budget by more than $1 billion. Advocates argue the state is failing to meet the terms of a lawsuit over funding equity, a claim the Cuomo administration has dispute.

Cuomo in recent weeks has sought to highlight the lack of transparency in per-school funding in school districts. A law previously approved that is being phased in over the coming years would require districts to disclose how much money is being given to each school.

The governor, however, has indicated he would like to see that process hastened, potentially in the state budget.

The theory is that the real funding inequities may lie on the local level.

“It has nothing to do with Ms. Nixon. I said this in January,” Cuomo said, referring to his budget address. “How much more do you want to spend? We spend more than anyone else in the United States of America. It’s who gets the funds and the equity and the racial equity and the geographic equity.”

The Alliance for Quality Education, a group that has pushed for more school aid, took issue with Cuomo’s comments, including the claim that education isn’t an issue being discussed in Albany.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo is wrong when he says no one is having a conversation about educational equity in New York,” said the group’s executive director Billy Easton. “Every year Governor Cuomo has been in office, Black and Brown parents and parents in high needs communities have joined with AQE to demand educational equity, and every year he has ignored them. The spending gap between the wealthiest and poorest schools in the state has grown 24 percent due to Governor Cuomo’s policies, a record high.”