lovetKen Lovett, the longtime bureau chief for The Daily News in Albany, was arrested Wednesday while using his cellphone in the lobby of the state Senate.

Lovett was released from a State Police substation after the incident. Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a personal appearance at the substation on the concourse of the Empire State Plaza.

Cuomo jokingly told the State Police officer on duty that he was Lovett’s lawyer.

“He is a free man. He welcomes his freedom and he’s not going to flee the jurisdiction,” Cuomo said. “We don’t believe any charges are going to be filed. Freedom of the press is alive and well in Albany.”

Using a cellphone in the lobby of the state Senate is prohibited, but a lightly, if seldom enforced rule. The Senate itself was not in session at the time of the incident, and rules for using a cellphone or a camera are generally waived.

“Earlier today a reporter was asked to comply with a rule prohibiting use of a cell phone in the Senate lobby. He refused and the State Police were notified,” said Senate Republican spokesman Scott Reif. “The incident escalated quickly and unfortunately he was detained by the State Police. We formally requested that he be released immediately and very much regret the incident.”

Adding to the bizarre incident was a woman who, while Cuomo started to speak to the gathered Capitol press corps, began berating him with obscenities. After a minute of her yelling at the governor only inches away from him, State Police officers arrested her and brought her into the substation.