From the Morning Memo:

A bill that would create a database tracking state-backed subsidies for businesses has advanced in the Senate as lawmakers voted the measure out of the Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions committee.

The development is a modest one for a bill that was proposed by good-government groups following the arrests of a former close aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, former SUNY Polytechnic President Alain Kaloyeros and prominent upstate developers on fraud and bribery charges related to economic development spending.

Good-government organizations had proposed the so-called “database of deals” as one of several fixes to the concern over transparency issues surrounding economic development spending.

The trial of Joe Percoco, the former Cuomo aide, and Syracuse developers is now being decided by a jury in New York City.

The Democratic-led Assembly is yet to move forward on the bill this session; both chambers advanced it last year, but it was not brought to the floor of either house for a vote.