Republican gubernatorial candidate John DeFrancisco in a statement Wednesday called for the appointment of a special prosecutor to review why Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s then-campaign chief was working out of the governor’s office in New York City.

Joe Percoco’s appearances at the governor’s office in Manhattan during the 2014 was among the revelations that came out in his corruption trial last month. The case is now being deliberating by a jury, which is considering the charges against Syracuse developers.

Percoco is charged by federal prosecutors of rigging bids and receiving bribes connected to economic development projects.

“Governor Cuomo and Joe Percoco clearly violated the law here, and it’s beyond me why our state attorney general hasn’t acted on it,” DeFrancisco said.

“If the attorney general insists on looking the other way for reasons beyond me, Governor Cuomo has a responsibility to appoint a special counsel, even if that special counsel would shine a bright light on him. This governor has talked more about government ethics reform than any governor in memory, and yet the rules and high mindedness never apply to him.”

Such an appointment would come from the governor himself.

DeFrancisco’s call for a special prosecutor is similar to one that was made by 2014 Republican gubernatorial nominee Rob Astorino, who called for the appointment to investigate Cuomo’s decision to shutter the anti-corruption Moreland Commission.

The Syracuse state senator’s call also comes as he faces a stiff challenge for the Republican nomination as Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro on Wednesday rolled out a series of endorsements from GOP county chairmen.

During Percoco’s trial, Cuomo has declined to comment extensively on it, saying it would be inappropriate to do so.

“The situation is obviously in the judge’s hands and the judge is going to have to determine how to handle that,” Cuomo said Wednesday in a NY1 interview.

“But on the other hand, I think my administration has probably been subjected to more investigation than any state administration and after all of that, they have two people who are now on trial for wrongdoing and we’ll let that process proceed and see where it goes, but I don’t want to say anything that would interfere with what the judge is doing.”

The proposal was blasted by state Democratic Committee Executive Director Geoff Berman.

“These continued flailing attempts by DeFrancisco and the state Republicans to gain relevance are getting increasingly desperate. For decades, DeFrancisco has been the number one enemy of ethics reform in Albany, stopping bans on outside income, protecting the LLC loophole, and swearing in Pedro Espada as Senate president,” Berman said.

“The only difference now in DeFrancisco’s hypocrisy is that it’s clearly an attempt to revive a campaign on life-support, but it’s time to pull the plug because New Yorkers see right through you.”