Cars summoned on apps like Uber and Lyft could be subject to a surcharge under a potential first “phase” of a congestion pricing plan, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told NY1 Friday afternoon in an interview.

“I think that would be phased in and I’m hoping to start with the first phase of for-hire vehicles,” Cuomo said.

“A lot of the congestion comes from these new Ubers and Lyfts which stay in the central business district, the business district of Manhattan and we’re looking for a surcharge on those vehicles that are in the zone and dedicate that funding to the subway funding long term and use it as step one in an overall congestion pricing plan.”

It’s not clear from Cuomo’s comments if the proposal bares any resemblance to a plan backed by the Democratic-led Assembly, which would also add surcharge to ride hail cars.

The Assembly proposal would draw $500 million in new revenue from a proposed Transportation Sustainability Program that would create a $2.75 charge for ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft as well as black cars and limousines in Manhattan below 96th Street.

A $1 charge would added to trips outside of the zone. Taxis and other street hailed green cabs hailed below 96th Street would subject to a 50-cent per trip fee.

A broader proposal for congestion pricing with tolls at points around Manhattan has been more difficult to gain a consensus on in the Legislature.

Congestion pricing as policy has also had a difficult time getting through the Capitol, with multiple proposals dying on the legislative vine. Cuomo, under fire for the state of New York City transit, said this year could be different.

“This time I think we’ve worked very hard at it and the facts are on our side,” he said.

Cuomo’s comments on NY1 came after he met privately with the top legislative leaders on the budget talks earlier on Friday.