The agreed-to revenue forecast gave lawmakers some extra cash to play with in the budget process, but Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie cautioned Monday it won’t necessarily mean more speniding.

After all, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Republicans in the state Senate still support limiting state spending increases overall to 2 percent.

“What to do with that — we haven’t decided yet. We still have to work with the governor because he has his 2 percent spending cap,” Heastie said.

Some lawmakers will likely call for more money to go toward education, aides for the developmentally disabled and elsewhere in the budget. At the same time, Republican lawmakers will likely push for a decrease in the proposed $1 billion tax and fee hikes Cuomo has included in his $168 billion plan.

Heastie, however, cautioned that the revenue will be part of an overall negotiation.

“It’s just not a pot of $750 million you can just divide up,” he said. “The Senate agrees with him on this 2 percent. It’s good news, but you still have to work with it within the framework of the budget discussion.”