The National Organization for Women-New York on Thursday gave an early endorsement of the re-election of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The endorsement for Hochul comes as she faces a Democratic primary challenge from Jumaane Williams, a city councilman from Brookyln.

For now, Cuomo’s only primary opponent to declare is former state Sen. Terry Gipson. But Cuomo could face a challenge from Cynthia Nixon, an actress and public education advocate who could present a formidable oppnent to the incumbent governor seeking a third term.

“This was an easy decision for our NOW chapter leaders across the state,” said NOW-NY President Sonia Ossorio. “Year in and year out Governor Cuomo has put women’s rights front and center,” Ossorio said. “At a time when our rights are under attack at the federal level, we have in Governor Cuomo a leader who works tirelessly to drive forward progress here in New York.”

She added: “Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul has traversed the state to meet New Yorkers and understand their lives and struggles and has a fundamental understanding of the issues women face. We’re proud to support her.”

Cuomo has this year once again pushed a package of measures aimed at women’s rights, including strengthening the state’s abortion laws and combating sexual harassment in the workplace.

“Governor Cuomo is making changes that have a real impact,” Ossorio said. “Consistently he has worked to end gender-based discrimination and improve the economic outlook for women and their families.”