Republican state Sen. Joe Robach in an interview Thursday said he is weighing a run for the congressional seat that was held by Rep. Louise Slaughter, who died last week.

Robach joins another state lawmaker, Democratic Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle, in considering a campaign for the Rochester-area district.

“It’s a tough call. The idea of Congress is certainly excited, yet I think the work we do here in Albany, putting in the tax cap, I want to make sure we stay that course,” he said. “I’m always trying to focus not necessarily on what my ego may tell me, but where I can have the greatest impact for the people who I have the honor and privilege to represent and I’m going through that process right now.”

Robach’s own district in the state Senate is not necessarily a strong GOP hold should he vacate to run for Congress. Senate Republicans currently hold a narrow advantage in the chamber.

“That continues to be critically important. I do not want one party to be in control of the governor, the Senate and Assembly,” Robach said. “These are all the things I’m trying to balance in talking with people in the know and my family.”

Like Morelle, another consideration is the state budget, due next week, and the petitioning process for the ballot that’s now underway.

“We’re in the throws of the budget right now and it’s critically important that we hold the line on taxes and make sure Rochester gets its fair share,” Robach said.