A state Supreme judge on Monday in a ruling tossed Democratic Senate candidate Shelley Mayer from the Independence Party ballot line, a move her campaign is expected to appeal.

In the ruling Justice Henry Zwack found the procedural requirements for the Independence Party in Westchester County to grant Mayer the line were not followed.

Zwack agreed with Republican arguments the party failed to have a quorum at its February executive committee meeting to discuss its Senate endorsement and that there was no record of notice that the meeting would be held.

“We all know that Shelley Mayer learned her brand of politics at the hip of Malcolm Smith and John Sampson, who were convicted of corruption and sent to prison for their crimes, and she has spent three decades in Albany,” said Senate GOP spokesman Scott Reif. “She still doesn’t have the right to cheat the system and obtain the Independence party’s designation in a shady and illegal backroom deal. We’re pleased that the Judge agreed and threw her off the line.”

Democrats in their statement countered that the push against Mayer is of a piece with making it harder to vote in legislative races, accusing the GOP of “voter suppression.”

“It’s unfortunate that the Republicans, using the same lawyer responsible for the racist voter suppression campaign against Andrea Stewart-Cousins in 2006, are now trying to disenfrachise members of the Independence Party from exercising their right to choose a candidate,” said spokesman Mike Murphy. “This is sadly what we have come to expect from the party of Trump so we’re not surprised, but the people of Westchester truly deserve better.”

The district is the centerpiece of a push by Democrats to gain full control of the state Senate following a unity deal between the mainline conference and the Independent Democratic Conference in the chamber. The Westchester County seat was vacated at the start of the year by George Latimer, a Democrat who was elected county executive.

The seat has long been sought by Republicans, though despite spending heavily in the district they have not been able to flip it. Republican Julie Killian, who ran in 2016 for the seat, was nominated in February for the district.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday rallied with Mayer ahead of the April 24 special election, one of 11 that will be decided.

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