Republican Sen. Elaine Phillips on Tuesday in a statement endorsed taking action on specific gun control measures, including a ban on possessing bump stocks in New York and classifying mass shootings as an act of terrorism.

Phillips, a Long Island lawmaker, also backed a measure that would tighter restrictions on gun ownership for those who are convicted of domestic abuse, which gun control supporters consider to be a loophole in federal law.

“As a mother of three daughters, I believe it is essential that we act to protect our schools and end the threat of mass shootings in our communities,” Phillips said. “This is a seminal moment in our nation’s history and we must come together to act.”

Her support comes as the state Senate in the last several days has debated gun control measures pushed by Democratic conference and IDC lawmakers. The provisions presented as amendments have been voted down by GOP lawmakers.

But at the same time, Senate Republicans have not ruled out taking further action on gun control as they also push school safety and security legislation.

Meanwhile, lawmakers in the Assembly are expected to introduce and consider their own gun control measures later today.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat who has championed gun control legislation, has pushed Democrats to act on the national level.