The state Democratic committee on Friday released an organizing email meant to boost candidates running down ballot this year, pegging the April 24 special election as a “D-Day” for action.

“We are targeting every Republican-held Congressional seat in the state this year, with an unprecedented unified, coordinated effort. Victories in New York can help us retake the House – a much needed check on Trump’s extreme agenda in Washington,” the email from Executive Director Geoff Berman stated.

“And, in the New York State Senate, we are less than 50 days away from D-Day – “Declare Day” – April 24th. On that day, there are two State Senate special elections to fill empty seats, and Democrats will win both. At that point, Democrats will constitute a majority of the State Senate.”

The email also takes noted of the first rally to be hosted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the effort, which is due to take place in the state’s 1st congressional district on Long Island, currently represented by Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Republican.

As for the state Senate fight, a Democratic takeover is being pushed based on a unity deal reached late last year meant to bring together the mainline and Independent Democratic Conference.

Two Senate races are being decided in the special election, but the key race will be the 37th district in Westchester County, a race between Democrat Shelley Mayer and Republican Julie Killian.

Democratic victories would give the party a numerical majority in the chamber.

“Once that happens, the Governor has said that the IDC members must join the Democratic Caucus,” Berman wrote. “If the IDC members do not join the Democratic Caucus and form a majority, the Democratic Party will lead an aggressive primary against every IDC member and assure we have a True Blue State Senate. Unity has to be our goal.”

Liberal advocates had been upset with the timing of the special election, namely holding it after the state budget is expected to be approved, thus giving Republicans in the Senate a chance to negotiate the spending plan.

Nevertheless, having the Senate’s leadership up in the air in the middle of the talks could upend the negotiations.

At the same time, this is one of the more formalized and concerted efforts by Cuomo, harnessing the state committee that he controls, to aid Democrats who are running in down-ballot local races as he seeks another term later this year.

Updated: The IDC did not like the reference made to them in the email. In a statement, IDC spokeswoman Barbara Brancaccio criticized the wording of the email for failing to note the conference is sticking with the unity agreement.

“It looks like the Independent Democratic Conference is the only participant of the unity deal that actually is keeping their word,” she said.

“While the IDC is in the process of helping Shelley Mayer become the next senator of the 37th senate district, the head of the state party, Geoff Berman, is hellbent on undermining the IDC instead of making sure Democrats win seats. Mr. Berman’s letter ignores the commitment of the Governor, labor leaders, Congressman Crowley and Senate Democrats in ensuring unity in the state party as laid out in the unity deal. While Mr. Berman continues to take shots at the IDC, the IDC looks forward to remaining a third conference to ensure that there is a functioning Senate.”