A campaign backed by Uber Technologies is increasing its efforts to push back against a proposal in the Assembly’s one-house budget to add a fee on ride hailing companies.

The budget would draw $500 million in new revenue from a proposed Transportation Sustainability Program that would create a $2.75 charge for ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft as well as black cars and limousines in Manhattan below 96th Street.

A $1 charge would added to trips outside of the zone. Taxis and other street hailed green cabs hailed below 96th Street would subject to a 50-cent per trip fee.

It’s unlikely to become law as it was passed by the Democratic-led Assembly.

But Uber is stepping up its push against the proposal. It has released an email that urges New Yorkers who use the Uber app to contact the Assembly and oppose the plan.

“The New York State Assembly is proposing an additional tax on ridesharing options in the outer boroughs—this will affect the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who rely on Uber to get around the outer boroughs, especially when public transportation isn’t easily accessible,” the email states.

“Uber supports fair and progressive congestion pricing, but this proposed tax on ridesharing apps in the outer boroughs could cause you to pay nearly three times the taxes as someone hailing a taxi in Manhattan. To keep unfair taxes out of outer borough Uber trips, we need your help. Make your voice heard by calling or tweeting the New York State Assembly today to show your support for fair congestion pricing.”