From the Morning Memo:

Across the country, students plan to participate in tomorrow’s national school walkout to call for additional gun control measures in the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting.

The planned 17-minute protest – one minute for each person who died in the massacre – at 10 a.m. has districts wrestling with how to avoid disruption while also supporting their students’ right to protest.

In Niagara Falls, officials are asking students to register if they intend to participate in the walkout. In return, they’ll receive two hearts. One is a pass to participate, the second a place for them on which to write how they plan to make the world a better place.

“I believe school is more than just sitting and learning and taking tests; it’s really about helping kids come together and helping kids deal with certain situations in their lives,” superintendent Mark Laurie said.

The Buffalo Public School District, meanwhile, said it is organizing alternative activities for its student body at 10 a.m. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said it’s good that the administration is working with students to give them a voice.

“Young people have always been change agents in this country,” Brown said. “Young people have always been involved in movements to bring change to different issues that have been of concern to them.”

At Lancaster High School, the administration said it will not let students leave the campus, but they will be able to walk the halls for 17 minutes.