Soon after Sen. John Bonacic announced his retirement plans at the end of the current term on Friday, Assemblyman Karl Brabenec indicated he would be interested in running for the seat.

“I’ve served the 98th Assembly District for the past three-and-a-half years. Six of our towns are also in the 42nd Senate District, and I won those towns with 75 percent of the vote in the last
election,” said Brabenec, a Republican. “I’ve run in and won ten elections since 2007. I know how to campaign. I work hard, and I know what it takes to win.”

The seat is likely to be hotly fought over this November by Republicans and Democrats alike given the enrollment numbers in the district and the narrow divide in the Senate.

“It’s crucial that Republicans retain control of the State Senate. We need a candidate who’s serious, who’s ready to go and able to win,” Brabenec said. “I’ll be reaching out to party leaders and elected officials over the next few days; I’ve already spoken with many of them. I’ll decide soon.”