As labor unions pull out of the Working Families Party, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign announced Friday he would not seek its endorsement.

The announcement was made a day before WFP officials were expected to gather in Albany and potentially endorse Cuomo’s rival for the Democratic nomination for governor, Cynthia Nixon.

“Given the announcement today that the remaining unions will no longer be a part of the WFP, we stand in solidarity with them and will not be seeking the endorsement of the 3rd party line at their convention next month,” said Cuomo campaign spokeswoman Abbey Fashouer. “The Governor remains 100 percent focused on taking back the House and the State Senate and maintaining unity within the Democratic Party going into the fall.”

The announcement was the capstone to a day in which two unions, CWA and 32BJ SEIU announced they would leave the WFP amid a broader disagreement over the party’s direction with advocacy groups that labor has funded.

Several labor leaders as well as the Cuomo campaign disputed the claims made by WFP State Director Bill Lipton that the governor threatened to work to end funding for the activist organizations as a result of the potential Nixon endorsement.

Several labor leaders whose unions have departed the WFP are considering the formation of their own ballot line.