The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is pointing to an Upstate district as part of the reason it believes it’s poised to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018. The DCCC released polling data from 12 districts Tuesday showing Democratic challengers either competitive with or favored over incumbent Republicans.

“We’ve recruited and empowered Democratic candidates who fit their districts and have records of service to their communities and our country that resonate with voters. These Democrats are running deep into the battlefield, and their candidacies are breathing new energy into the party,” Executive Director Dan Sena said.

One of those 12 districts is NY-22 where Democrat Anthony Brindisi is challenging Republican Claudia Tenney. The committee said, according to the polling, 48 percent of voters favor a generic Republican candidate while 40 percent would plan to vote for a Democrat.

When asked specifically about Brindisi and Tenney though, the poll skews left. Fifty percent of voters say they prefer the Democrat while only 44 percent chose Tenney.

A spokesperson for the DCCC said they believe this shows Brindisi appeals to moderate Republicans in the district. He said Tenney meanwhile, appears to have moved further to the extreme with recent comments, including blaming the “deep state” for a controversy over a dining set bought for HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s office.

The National Republican Congressional Committee questioned the polls legitimacy.

“The DCCC has now resorted to cooking up phony polls to distract from Anthony Brindisi’s record of scandal and corruption in Albany. It won’t be enough,” spokesperson Chris Martin said.

The DCCC said the poll was a live call survey taken between March 8 and March 12 of 500 NY-22 likely November 2018 voters. It did not provide the results in their entirety but did point out the poll was commissioned by the Brindisi campaign and was conducted by an independent company.