Republican Rep. John Faso in a radio interview on Friday spoke highly of Democratic state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, calling him “an able public servant.”

Faso ran for comptroller in 2002, but served with DiNapoli in the state Assembly.

“The fact is that Tom DiNapoli is an able public servant and I think it’s a difficult task to take on that campaign,” Faso said on Fred Dicker’s “Focus On The State Capitol” on Talk-1300. “I’ve known Tom DiNapoli since I came into the Assembly and I have personal regard for him and I think he’s a man of integrity. He and I differ politically, but personally I have a very high regard for him.”

Faso and DiNapoli may differ politically, but they have both been at odds, in different ways, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the years.

Faso was not totally enthused with Jonathan Trichter, the Democratic consultant who is running for the Republican line for state comptroller. Trichter worked for Harry Wilson, a Republican businessman who ran for comptroller in 2010 against DiNapoli and bowed out of the race for governor this year.

“I would prefer a Republican, but at the same time Mr. Trichter is a smart young man,” he said.

Asked why a Democrat was seeking the GOP’s line for a statewide office, Faso said: “Maybe because there isn’t anybody else who wants to run.”