The gun control group Giffords on Monday endorsed legislation that would have law enforcement agencies publish online the source of guns used in crimes committed in New York.

The bill is meant to crack down on the so-called “Iron Pipeline” of illegal weapons that flow into the state.

“For decades, Congress has complied with the gun lobby’s demand for no new federal research into the public health crisis that gun violence has created. But leaders in New York are stepping up and defying the NRA and listening to the will of the people,” said David Chipman, Senior Policy Advisor of Giffords. “More states should join New York in moving proactive measures like this forward because the sad reality is that too many people fall victim to gunfire every single day. Our law enforcement officials and public servants need research to most effectively understand how to help communities and keep them safer. This example of courage should be followed by others.”

The group was founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the survivor of an assassination attempt, and her husband, Captain Mark Kelly.

The bill is sponsored by Queens Democratic Sen. Mike Gianaris.

“Stopping the ‘Iron Pipeline’ is possible if New York leads the way. Despite having among the toughest gun laws in the country, our state experiences too many gun-related crimes due to firearms originating elsewhere,” Gianaris said. “While the federal government will not take action to combat gun violence, New York should use data to expose states that are part of the problem.”