The challengers to the Independent Democratic Conference in a statement Wednesday morning said they would not end their candidacies against IDC lawmakers as a deal is reached to dissolve the conference.

“In 2012, progressive forces united to win 33 Democratic State Senate seats. Your Independent Democratic Conference stole away this victory. Since then, we’ve had seven straight Republican budgets thanks to the IDC’s continued support for Republicans,” the candidates said in a statement.

“Because of your allegiance with the Republicans, the budget passed again this year with no Democratic State Senator at the negotiating table. Despite repeated requests, you refused to support rightful Democratic State Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins in the room for budget negotiations. The result is a deeply irresponsible budget that hurts working people, communities of color, students, and women in New York State.”

The statement was released by Jessica Ramos, Robert Jackson, Alessandra Biaggi, Rachel May, Jasmine Robinson, Zellnor Myrie and John Duane.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing a unity agreement that would end the IDC itself and have the eight lawmakers fold back to the mainline conference. But the challengers note a range of issues, from the Dream Act, to criminal justice reform, public school aid and others were blocked by a Senate effectively controlled by Republicans with the IDC as a key block.

“While we all support a unified, progressive Democratic majority in the State Senate under the leadership of Andrea Stewart-Cousins, your claims of unity cannot undo the damage that you have done by blocking a single Democratic State Senator in the room to advocate for common-sense progressive priorities. You failed to represent Democratic priorities at the negotiating table, and no Albany deal should or will prevent a competitive, healthy primary in which New Yorkers strongly consider your allegiance with the Republicans,” they said.

“New Yorkers will not be fooled into believing you are “Democrats” when it is politically convenient for you.”