From the Morning Memo:

Call it a tale of two very different endorsements.

Democratic state Sen.-elect Shelley Mayer in a Capital Tonight interview Thursday endorsed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s bid for re-election, calling him a leader who “gets things done.”

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Democratic congressional candidate Rachel Barnhart sharply criticized Cuomo’s record and endorsed his primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon.

The endorsements represent divergent views Democrats have of the governor, who is seeking a third term this year.

“I’ve known the governor for 30 years, I’ve known him as a young man. He’s a tough guy. He’s a can-do person. He’s the kind of politician who gets things done,” Mayer said. “I’ve had many disagreements with the governor, I’m sure I’ll continue to. But on 80 percent of things, I respect his ability to bridge some of the progressive legislation, get actual accomplishments and I’m proud to endorse him.”

Cuomo campaigned and pushed for Mayer, the victor in a costly special election to fill an open Senate seat in Westchester County. Mayer said her endorsement of Cuomo was separate and apart from his help in the race to fill the key Senate district in the suburbs.

Barnhart, a former TV reporter who has run for the Assembly and mayor of Rochester, took a different view of the governor in an interview.

“I’ve been a longtime critic of Gov. Cuomo. I really appreciate the things he’s done in terms of gay marriage, minimum wage and paid family leave,” she said.

But she pointed to Cuomo’s record on transparency and economic development, saying it has fallen short.

“We’ve been losing people and we’ve been losing jobs,” she said. “Throwing billions and billions of dollars in a top down way is not effective. We need more help here.”

Barnhart is among a crowded field of Democrats vying for the party’s nomination in the 25th congressional district in the Rochester area, left vacant earlier this year by the death of Rep. Louise Slaughter.