Democratic congressional candidate Gareth Rhodes on Thursday said his campaign would boycott advertising on Sinclair-affiliated stations amid an uproar over the company’s anchors reading a script blasting perceived bias in the news media.

Sinclair has come under fire for its conservative-leaning commentary and “must run” packages that largely line up with the view of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Rhodes’s boycott of Sinclar will extend to interviews. In the 19th district’s media market, Sinclair owns WRGB, a CBS station that airs in the Capital Region.

“In an era when our nation is increasingly concerned about the spread of fake news, it is unacceptable that a media conglomerate like Sinclair would force our trusted local news anchors to push a one-sided political agenda, valuing partisan politics over informing the American public,” Rhodes said.

“Sinclair’s attacks on our press are dangerous, and I refuse to be complicit in allowing them to continue. That is why I will not advertise on any Sinclair-owned stations until policies are established to end ‘must-run segments’ and to fight the spread of Sinclair’s partisan political propaganda via local news. A free press is a constitutionally enshrined value, and our hard-working local television reporters and anchors deserve to be able to tell the stories that are the product of their own investigative work, not just those pushed from partisan corporate titans.”

Rhodes is not the first candidate to announce a boycott of Sinclair stations. A Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland has announced a boycott of the company and a House candidate in Kentucky pulled her ads from Sinclair stations as well.

Rhodes is among the crowded field of Democrats running in the Hudson Valley House district to take on Republican Rep. John Faso this fall.