From the Morning Memo:

During his tenure on the Buffalo Public School board, Carl Paladino was very clear about his opinion on the statewide New York State United Teachers union. In short: He didn’t like the union, and the union wasn’t much of a fan of his, either.

Still, the feud became a bit of an afterthought following Paladino’s removal from the board by the state education commissioner last summer. That was until a NYSUT-connected independent expenditure committee got involved in an Assembly special election in Paladino’s backyard.

The committee, called NY Forward, sent out mailers connecting candidate Erik Bohen to Paladino and calling the former board member a “racist Trumpster.” Bohen didn’t take well to this characterization, and neither did Paladino, who – true to form – threatened to sue just about anybody who might’ve been involved.

After Bohen’s victory in the special, Paladino was a bit more measured in his response, saying:

“I’m proud of him. He stood tall, and I stood tall with him.”

Throughout the campaign, Bohen minimized Paladino’s involvement, but said he was a friend. Bowen also readily admitted he helped Paladino run for school board.

Last night, Paladino said the mailer was nonsense and took one more shot at his old foe, the union.

“New York State United Teachers showed their bad side,” he said. “They showed how mean-spirited and how wrong they could be. They came in and they got right down into the gutter and that was something that was uncalled for.”

Bohen, a Democrat who was cross-endorsed by the Republicans, is replacing former Democrat Mickey Kearns (now the Erie County clerk) in the Assembly. His opponent, current Erie County Legislator Pat Burke, said he’ll run again in the fall elections.