Republican state Senate candidate Julie Killian in a TV ad released Tuesday endorsed “gun safety” measures, saying she would push for them if elected to serve in Albany.

Killian is running in the 37th Senate district in Westchester County in an April 24 special election against Democratic Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer. The race is a key contest with control of the state Senate potentially up for grabs as Democrats seek a working majority with 32 enrolled members.

In the ad, Killian adds she would fight corruption and seek to make the high-tax suburban county more affordable.

“These aren’t Republican or Democrat issues,” she said. “It’s just a matter of doing what’s right. Because we all know. It’s time for change.”

Republicans in the Senate last month agreed to a standalone bill that tightens laws against those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence of owning a firearm.

Senate GOP lawmakers since the passage of the SAFE Act have largely resisted efforts to pass new gun control measures, though pushes to repeal the law have faltered.