President Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at 40 percent in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, slightly more than his 36 percent approval rating when last measured in January. It’s also the highest he’s enjoyed in Post-ABC polling since his first 100 days in office.

In the end, the airstrikes on Syria that Trump ordered were among the most conventional actions he’s taken as president.

Trump proclaimed victory in no uncertain terms on Saturday following a one-off bombardment in Syria that experts cast as a saber-rattling exercise in futility.

The strikes reflected Trump’s competing impulses: an effort to demonstrate strength countered by a view that involvement in the Middle East since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has been a waste.

The strikes resulted in a mixed reaction from Congress — some applauding a strong response to chemical weapons, and others calling it unconstitutional to go over lawmakers’ heads.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer supported the strikes, but his New York colleague, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, did not, saying the president had “no legal basis” to undertake them.

Trump had the expected support of Republican leadership who rallied behind his use of force. But the air strikes were also cheered by Democrats hoping for an end to the humanitarian crisis that has engulfed the country during its seven-year civil war.

“Meet the Parents” actors Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller made a surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this week to parody the 2000 film as special counsel Robert Mueller and Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

Thousands participated in the second annual Marches for Science around the world this weekend.

Stormy Daniel’s lawyer announced a likely upcoming appearance by the porn actress at a hearing for Cohen tomorrow related to the FBI’s raid on his home and office.

Cohen tried to discredit a report alleging he had taken a secret trip to Prague at the height of the 2016 presidential campaign, claiming he has never visited the country and had instead been in Los Angeles with his son during the supposed trip abroad.

The Justice Department Inspector General alleges in a damaging report that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe inappropriately authorized the disclosure of sensitive information to a reporter and then misled investigators and former FBI Director James Comey about it on several occasions.

Comey says his belief that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election played a role in the way he handled the investigation into her use of a private email sever as secretary of state.

Three House Republican committee chairmen want the Justice Department to provide them with copies of memos written by Comey about his conversations with Trump.

The endorsement from the small but influential party was expected after Cuomo pulled out of the running late Friday as union leaders split over whom the party should endorse.

A defiant Working Families Party delivered a rebuke to Cuomo on Saturday by endorsing actress Cynthia Nixon’s campaign for governor, though the party’s state director, Bill Lipton, admitted: “This has been a rough week for the WFP.”

The vote was both a milestone in Nixon’s nascent campaign to become the Democratic nominee for governor and a confirmation of a deepening philosophical and political fissure in New York’s liberal electorate.

Nixon, who entered the room just after the endorsement vote, praised WFP members for standing up to Cuomo, but would not commit to remaining on the WFP line in the November general election if she loses the September primary.

Nixon was also endorsed this weekend by The New York Progressive Action Network, which formed during Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign and bills itself as the largest progressive organization in New York.

Rob Harding explains the importance of fusion voting in New York, which is one of the few states that allow it.

Tomorrow will be a big day for the state Senate Democrats, as the eight members of the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference will formally rejoin the mainline Democrats.

David Buckel, 60, a prominent LGBT rights lawyer, died after setting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Saturday to protest the world’s usage of fossil fuels at the expense of the environment.

“I am David Buckel and I just killed myself by fire as a protest suicide,” read a hand-written suicide note left near the blackened circle of burned grass. “I apologize to you for the mess.”

The Upper West Side couple who hired the nanny charged with murdering their two children was misled by a ginned-up reference letter written by the baby-sitter’s niece. Albany lawmakers, with support from the slain kids’ father, hope to make providing fake references and lying on applications for child care jobs a felony.

The state’s top education officials are calling a computer issue that interfered with statewide English language testing “inexcusable.”

New NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said in a speech at the Rev. Al Sharpton’s storefront headquarters in Harlem Saturday that schools aren’t meeting the needs of minority students.

NYFD Commissioner Daniel Nigro has quietly abandoned the department’s once-trumpeted policy calling for the firing of anyone caught using illegal or prohibited substances.

Mark and Solomon Lazar, the sons of Joseph Lazar, a former political ally of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, have been double-dipping off their nonprofit that provides housing to the city’s homeless, even as their clients suffered poor service and have been blindsided by eviction notices.

De Blasio attended an out-of-town reunion for a left-leaning social justice group that helps families sympathetic to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua – a spokesman for de Blasio said: “The mayor remains committed to the highest ideals of the Sandinistas.”

New York City is suffering from a retail apocalypse. It’s so bad, consumer confidence in the city’s economic future has plummeted to the lowest level recorded since December 2015, the latest analysis reveals.

Workers in restaurants, nail salons and car washes rallied to kick off a campaign to push for one single minimum wage, instead of the $7.50 to $8.65 tipped workers currently take home, which is below the state’s minimum wage of $10.40 to $13, depending on the area of the state.

New York’s craft brewing industry is showing signs of saturation after six years of gangbusters growth, but experts say it’s at least a year or two from slowing down significantly.

Federal prosecutors said NXIVM founder Keith Raniere’s “decades’ long history of abusing women and girls” is among the reasons he should remain in custody without bond while his criminal case is pending.

More than one-third of the nation’s statehouses do not have the metal detector security systems that can be found in a range of public places, from middle schools to museums.

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly was released from a New York City hospital on Saturday, 17 days after undergoing a 12-hour upper jaw reconstruction. His wife, Jill, announced Kelly’s release via Instagram and it was later confirmed by a Mount Sinai West spokeswoman.

Cuomo is poised to unveil new state energy efficiency standards before Earth Day.

Registered nurses at Albany Medical Center have voted to unionize after calling for a voice in staffing decisions, fair wages and improved benefit plans.

The Erie County Water Authority’s appointed administrators give generously to politicians in need. By the end of March, 45 non-union managers and lawyers, along with their spouses, had given a combined $408,000 to local and state political funds since taking their Water Authority jobs.

Across New York State, law enforcement agencies are in the middle of a five-day crackdown on drivers who use phones and other electronic devices while their vehicles are moving, often at high speeds.

State data show texting tickets increased 205 percent across the state from 2012 to 2016. Tickets for talking on cell phones fell 47 percent statewide during that period.

Up to one-third of front-line Child Protective Services caseworkers leave their jobs each year because of stress or burnout, or they couldn’t meet the job requirements. Others found easier jobs, often for more pay. The caseworkers, who feel undervalued, say their low salaries and high turnover make it difficult for the county to hire and retain enough staff.

On Friday afternoon, the governor’s office released 259 individual vetoes for the appropriation budget bills, which were passed by the state legislature at the end of March. The veto power is derived from Article VII of the state Constitution, according to the governor’s office.

Former Stillwater Mayor Rick Nelson faces from five to 15 years in state prison after pleading guilty to five felony child pornography charges.

The president of Hobart and William Smith Colleges is stepping down weeks after allegations of plagiarism surfaced.

Albany’s Playdium Bowling Center was packed one last time Saturday morning as residents piled in to claim bits and pieces of the Albany staple at an auction. The bowling alley, which has been situated in the Pine Hills neighborhood since 1940, closed its doors earlier this month.

A salmonella outbreak associated with eggs prompted one of the largest egg recalls in recent years Saturday, more than 206 million eggs sold under nine different brands in nine states.