As the Independent Democratic Conference moves toward being abolished, the labor-aligned Working Families Party on Wednesday in a statement said it would continue to back challengers to IDC incumbents.

“The WFP believes primaries can be healthy for the Democratic Party and our democracy writ large,” said WFP State Director Bill Lipton. “We stand by our endorsed candidates who are challenging IDC incumbents and are proud to be supporting them.”

The WFP has long been a thorn in the side of the IDC and vice versa. Under the terms of the unity agreement being reached, the IDC would fold back into the Democratic conference in the Senate as part of a broader bid to have the party take control of the chamber, potentially by the end of the month.

The challengers to IDC lawmakers in a statement said they would not back down on their primary challenges to the incumbents.

But the WFP is treading a cautious line: Backing the agreement to unify while also support the primaries.

“If this holds, the dissolution of the IDC and the acknowledgement of Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins as the sole Senate Democratic Leader are critical steps forward to building a more progressive NY. It’s a development WFP activists, our allies and our endorsed candidates should be very proud of,” Lipton said.

“In late 2012, the WFP was part of an all-out effort that won a 33 seat majority for the Democratic-Working Families coalition. A few months later, the IDC voted to make a Republican, Dean Skelos, the Senate Majority Leader. Since then, we’ve had 6 straight years of IDC-Republican control of the Senate; that’s 6 budgets where thousands were held unjustly in pre-trial confinement, nearly a hundred thousand units of affordable housing were lost, and millions of kids attended underfunded schools. Critical legislation to protect immigrants, fight climate change, advance women’s equality and more was stalled.”