From the Morning Memo:

Former Donald Trump campaign staffer Michael Caputo has not sold his East Aurora home, no matter what Sean Hannity says.

Caputo said he has asked the Fox News anchor to stop telling his viewers incorrect information, but the simple fact was he was preparing to move out of Western New York to make more money.

The WNY Republican political operative has former state Attorney General Dennis Vacco on retainer as he goes back and forth to Capitol Hill in D.C., testifying before various congressional committees and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team in connection with investigations into Russia’s role in the 2016 election.

Caputo said he already had an outstanding bill of roughly $40,000 before his interviews with Senate Intelligence staff and Mueller’s team last week.

“Dennis never threatened to stop representing me, and I don’t think he would’ve all the way through this,” Caputo said. “The problem would’ve been that we would’ve had $200,000 worth of legal fees on balance with Lippes Mathias, and I would never declare bankruptcy to rid myself of those. I would have to move to Washington, where I could get a job paying four or five times as much money as I make here in East Aurora.”

Caputo is estimating the $200,000 figure. In fact, he does not know exactly how much his legal representation could end up costing, but money is not the concern it once was for him.

A GoFundMe account set up to cover his legal fees is up to about $300,000 now.

Caputo said 6,500 people donated to the crowdfunding page, hundreds from Western New York. The money has been transferred to a trust set up for him controlled by radio personality David Bellavia, state Assemblyman David DiPietro, and Erie County Conservative Party Chairman Ralph Lorigo.

“I have accountants that are working for me on this as well as attorneys,” Caputo said. “I have no control over it. It’s completely legal and accounted for and I’m quite confident that we’ll be able to handle any state federal or judicial issues that come up.”

Caputo said he is allowed to use the money for things like airline tickets and hotel stays, but in this case it’s not really needed. He said he does other work when he goes to D.C., and the government also covered those expenses last time he traveled.

They’re looking at other ways to spend the money, which could include suing the Erie County Water Authority and local Democrats Caputo believes are leveling political attacks against him because of his connection to the president. Another avenue the trust is exploring is donating some of the money to other Trump associates who are struggling to deal with the costs of the investigation… possibly.

“I have to keep my powder dry because we could go up to $300,000 in legal fees just with the Russia investigations,” Caputo said. “But let’s hope that doesn’t happen, and if it does I think that our supporters will continue to back us when it comes to legal fees.”