Western New York political operative Michael Caputo believes Roseanne Barr deserves a second chance and he’s offering her a way to continue producing her recently canceled show.

Caputo is the Chief Marketing Officer for Bond, a new crowdsourced web streaming platform, which pays shows a portion of the subscription rate based on the number of views it gets.

Barr’s show was canceled by ABC after she tweeted that former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was a cross between the “muslim brotherhood” and “planet of the apes.”

Caputo, who like Barr is a loyal supporter of President Donald Trump, said he is not defending the “racist” tweet nor is he faulting ABC for pulling the show. Ultimately though, he said his platform would allow the fans to decide if they’ve forgiven the comedian.

“I believe that once she makes it right, once she apologizes to those she’s offended and works it out with her community and her family and her team, who were also fired by ABC, over 100 people, I think she should have a chance to work again and Bond.pm is a good place to do it,” Caputo said on WBEN radio Thursday morning.

He said he is in contact with Barr and expects to have an opportunity to meet with her at some point. Caputo said he doesn’t know her personally but compares to the controversy to a similar one that happened in Western New York.

He was the campaign manager for former Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino who a year and a half ago compared former First Lady Michelle Obama to a gorilla, setting off a public outcry that indirectly (or directly, depending on who you ask) led to him losing his seat on the Buffalo Public School Board.

“I know for example Carl Paladino. I know him well. He’s not a racist. He made a stupid, bad joke that was racist in its origin. We all have seen these comparisons of black people to gorillas for many generations. It’s a racist trope. Carl made a mistake,” Caputo said.

He said Bond was actually built for smaller shows that couldn’t find their way through the Hollywood red tape, not shows with audiences as large as “Roseanne.” However, he said the startup is prepared to “scale” its operation if Barr signs on.