From the Morning Memo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday at a rally in Kingston decried the extinction of “Rockefeller Republicans” in New York, saying the GOP nationally and at home as veered too far to the right.

“Everyone has had the same extreme conservative Kool-Aid,” Cuomo said to a crowd of Democrats at a rally. “It has taken this nation in a direction none of us want to go. The Republicans in the state, they drank the Kool-Aid. They used to be moderate Republicans in this state — Rockefeller Republicans. They went the way of the dodo bird.”

Cuomo rallied with Democrats Sunday as part of a “Blue Wave” push for candidates running in down-ballot races this fall. Cuomo himself is trying to energize the Democratic base himself as he faces a primary challenge this September from education advocate and actress Cynthia Nixon.

In the Hudson Valley in particular, Cuomo has targeted Rep. John Faso, a freshman Republican, as crowded field of Democrats lines up to challenge him, including a former aide to the governor.

Cuomo has worked well with Republicans during his time as governor, generally passing budgets before the end of the fiscal year, increasing the state’s minimum wage multiple times, a gun control law he says should be a model for the rest of the country and the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Cuomo has repeatedly cited these accomplishments, which had to get through a Republican-controlled Senate. But a confluence of factors have led to that relationship souring, including the election of new, more conservative senators and skepticism from liberals that Cuomo has not done enough to help the party take control of the chamber, the latter of which Nixon has repeatedly pointed to in the nascent days of the primary.

The governor, in turn, has also referred to New York as a leader against President Donald Trump’s agenda. On Sunday, he framed the issue as a decisive battle for the nation and New York.

“It’s about the soul of the country, it’s about the character of the country,” he said. “It’s about the values of the country and it’s about the survival of New York.”