A report studying the impact of recreational marijuana legalization in other states and how it would affect New York could be completed “within days,” according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday at a press conference.

“That report should be done shortly,” Cuomo said. “How do you define shortly? It is supposed to be done by calendar, it should be done within days.”

At least two states that border New York — Massachusetts and Vermont — have legalized marijuana for recreational use. New York has decriminalized marijuana possession and allows it for medicinal use.

“To say well, it won’t be in New York I think is to avoid reality at that point,” Cuomo said. “The facts changed on this issue and the facts changed quickly.”

The report’s release comes as Cuomo faces a Democratic primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon, who has called for marijuana legalization. Cuomo first announced the report, being conducted by the Department of Health, in January, before Nixon’s campaign began.