Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in public at least, is not playing favorites when it comes to who should be the next attorney general.

Cuomo declined to comment extensively on the prospects of New York City Public Advocate Tish James being appointed to the post after Democrat Eric Schneiderman resigned in disgrace on Tuesday.

“I think there are a number of good candidates who have put their name out for consideration,” Cuomo said to reporters in New York City on Wednesday. “So, I think it should be open and deliberative for the Legislature and myself also.”

At least one Cuomo administration official has been suggested as a possible replacement: Counsel Alphonso David.

But James has been receiving support from Democratic members of the Assembly ahead of an announced vetting process for candidates that is scheduled to begin next Tuesday.

In a statement on Wednesday, James said she has received “encouragement and support” to run for the attorney general post. She is considered at the moment the front runner for the legislative appointment.

“I remain moved by the tremendous courage and bravery that the survivors who came forward demonstrated, and am reminded that women’s voices are needed more than ever at the highest levels of government and in every corner of our society,” she said.

Cuomo, meanwhile, took note of the political calendar, saying either way it will be up to voters, given the election in November.

“So, where we are, by definition of the calendar, the people are going to make the decision and that’s the way it should be,” he said. “The people should make the decision. The Legislature will have a suggestion, the Democratic Committee, the Democratic convention, will then make the decision, but then the people in the primary and the people in the general will make the decision.