Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro introduced one component of his 2019 Accountable Government Act, which he billed as a comprehensive proposal to weed out corruption in state government.

Molinaro said he wants to ban individuals and businesses seeking or holding state contracts from making political contributions. He said the “pay-for-play” culture is “infectious” in state government and something that has been fostered and utilized by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The candidate pointed to the conviction of former Cuomo aide Joe Percoco, the upcoming bid-rigging trial related to state contracts and the Buffalo Billion, and a federal investigation into Crystal Run Healthcare’s state grants as direct examples.

“Those linkages are clear and we know over the course of the last decade that pay-for-play scandals where state officials, including this administration, gave dollars to organizations, tax dollars to organizations that either contributed to or participated in political contributions,” Molinaro said. “It’s infected state government for a generation.”

He acknowledged it may be difficult to stop individuals, particularly employees of companies, from making campaign donations. Molinaro said if elected, he would first focus on the actual corporations.

“There’s a freedom of speech (component), certainly, but we have to absolutely make certain that those who are directly benefitting, at least are prohibited to the extent possible from making contributions,” he said.

The Republican, who is currently the Dutchess County Executive, admitted he has received contributions in the past from companies that have done business with his county. One important difference from the state, he said, is nearly every contract the county enters into is competitively bid.

“I have received contributions and my expectation would be, the second I take office, I’ll ask the Legislature to impose this standard and live by that standard,” Molinaro said.

The Accountable Government Act would also close the so-called LLC Loophole, which allows candidates and contributors to circumvent campaign finance limits and transparency standards, by donating through Limited Liability Corporations. The plan also calls for term limits, a new universal Code of Ethics, and a new commission to identify and uncover corruption.

Molinaro said he will be revealing more details in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: “Trump mini-me Marc Molinaro–who has an ‘A’ rating from the NRA and is the NY GOP’s handpicked anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ candidate–is desperately trying to deflect from the sad state of his campaign. In fact, Molinaro is a hypocrite who has himself taken contributions from businesses with contracts before Dutchess County,” Cuomo campaign spokesperson Abbey Fashouer said in a statement.