Former Rep. Michael Grimm’s campaign on Tuesday announced plans to take the Conservative Party ballot line from incumbent Republican Dan Donovan in the 11th congressional district.

Grimm, who left Congress after pleaded guilty to tax evasion, plans to use the opportunity-to-ballot mechanism to gain the party’s ballot line this November.

“The voters of Staten Island and Brooklyn deserve a real choice,” Grimm said.

“In this case, they will be able to choose between an anti-Trump liberal who has championed sanctuary cities and amnesty, voted to protect Obamacare, and helped Nancy Pelosi lead the assault on our Second Amendment rights — or a proven conservative with a strong record of delivering results for our community.”

Meanwhile, Grimm’s campaign announced Monday it would hold a fundraiser with Anthony Scaramucci, the erstwhile communications director for President Donald Trump.

“Now more than ever, President Trump needs Republicans in Congress who share his bold vision and will fight to enact the America First agenda,” Grimm said. “The grassroots Conservatives I meet every day are excited to make their choice clear on June 26.”