From the Morning Memo:

The Democratic field for the 21st congressional district nomination continued to shrink on Monday as Don Boyajian left the race to run for the 107th state Assembly district.

The move winnows the field to Democrats Katie Wilson, Tedra Cobb and Dylan Ratigan who will vie to challenge two-term Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik. Updated: Emily Martz and Patrick Nelson also remain in the race for the Democratic nod.

“Don added another voice for change in this election and I wish him success in his race for the assembly. We need vital and energetic voices like Don’s in both politics and government,” Ratigan said in a statement.

“I look forward to the remaining weeks of the campaign, where I and the remaining candidates can discuss the issues of our broken politics and creating a 21st century economy for the 21st. Together we can fix this.”

The district, which covers the sprawling North Country region in the state, has been considered a tossup in recent election cycles following the victory of Democratic Rep. Bill Owens. But the seat has been considered somewhat safer for Republicans with Stefanik’s representation.

Democrats, however, hope this is a district in which blue wave-style enthusiasm can be on their side.

“I will proudly continue to lead the way to victory on June 26th and in November, with more than 5,300 signatures delivered in support of my candidacy, a team of more than 750 dedicated volunteers, and more funds raised than anyone remaining in the field,” Cobb said. “I hope Don and I can work together to win back seats for Democrats across the region – giving back to the people the real representation they deserve.”

Ratigan, a former cable news host, entered the race relatively late, unsettling the field at the time. Wilson took a shot at Ratigan’s resume as well as Stefanik as Boyajian left the race.

“We want to wish Don well in his fight for change in Albany,” she said. “With his departure from the NY-21 Congressional race, the choice for voters becomes much more clear and much more stark: Do we want to send Stefanik back to her DC cocktail circuit, send some candidates running on the Democratic side who are auditioning for the DC cocktail circuit, or someone who is going to stop talking like a cable news wannabe and just get to work.”