From the Morning Memo:

Two national progressive organizations are poised to announce their support of Democrat Dana Balter’s effort to challenge Republican Rep. John Katko in the Central NY district of NY-24 this fall.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America will be officially endorsing Balter this morning, along with Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar, who is running against California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter.

One of the co-founders of PCCC took national Democrats to task for failing to join local party leaders in backing Balter, a university professor in Syracuse, instead choosing to woo attorney Juanita Perez Williams, a failed Syracuse mayoral candidate, into the race and setting up a primary fight for the Democratic line.

“The DCCC is increasingly hurting Democratic chances to win swing districts by actively recruiting anti-choice, corporate Democrats who act like Republicans,” PCCC’s Stephanie Taylor said in a statement obtained by CapTon.

“We’re endorsing Dana Balter and Ammar Campa-Najjar because they’re authentic, inspiring progressives who will fight for workers and against big campaign donors who rig the tax laws to benefit themselves.”

Jim Dean, chair of Democracy for America, echoed that sentiment, saying:

“In too many districts across the country, the DCCC still doesn’t understand that candidates who run on stale Republican-lite ideas and campaigns that continue to prioritize ever dwindling numbers of ‘swingable’ center-right voters actively hurt our chances of assembling the lasting majority we need in Congress.”

“After all, a Democratic victory in 2018 isn’t just about retaking Congress – it’s about seizing control with a lasting majority that is deep, bold and visionary enough to win the even bigger, inclusive populist victories we need in 2020 and beyond.”

Dean praised Balter for remaining “unbroken by the party insiders in Washington” and for running “the kind of bold, inclusive populist campaigns that will win in November, welcome in the New American Majority of people of color and progressive white voters, and help transform the country.”

The two progressive groups did not mention Perez Williams by name in their press release, but did chastise the DCCC for recruiting an “anti-choice” candidate into the race, despite the fact that NY-24 was carried by Hillary Clinton by 5 percentage points in the 2016 presidential election.

Perez-Williams’ views on abortion rights have been a main focus of the left in recent weeks.

“This is on top of a series of recent actions by the DCCC to chase away progressive candidates in primaries across the country, including Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, and California,” the groups said.

In a statement released by PCCC and DFA, Balter, who also has the Working Families and Women’s Equality party lines, which could create a spoiler scenario in the general election, should she lose the June Democratic primary, criticized Katko for refusing to meet with her to talk about healthcare reform.

“He won’t meet with a lot of the people he represents,” said Balter. “That’s why I decided to run for Congress. Members of the PCCC and DFA know how important it is to have representatives who will show up and listen.”

“Representatives who will stand up to entrenched power and stand up for the people. They know how grassroots support can make a difference, and how much we need it in the fight against the Trump agenda. I’m honored and proud to have their support.”

Balter not only is the designated candidate of the local Democratic parties, but also has gained support from some high-profile New York Democrats, including Fordham Law Prof. Zephyr Teachout, a onetime House and gubernatorial candidate, and U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.