Democratic candidate for attorney general Zephyr Teachout on Friday in a fundraising email said she would petition her way onto the ballot in the race.

“It’s disappointing that in a state like New York we still have to fight a Democratic establishment that refuses to fight for the people and embrace progressive values,” she wrote. “But if we all pitch in and work together, we can change that. The old structures can’t last.

Teachout received 5 percent of the weighted vote at the Democratic convention this week at Hofstra University, which designated New York City Public Advocate Tish James the preferred candidate. Leecia Eve, a former Cuomo administration official, also plans to petition onto the ballot.

“We went there to make our case, and we fought hard for every vote. But honestly, we expected this,” said Teachout, a 2014 candidate for governor and 2016 congressional candidate. “We have a long way to go before the New York State Democratic Party becomes the grassroots party it should be. A lot of these party insiders like the system the way it is.”

Teachout is casting the race as one against the establishment, noting that DNC Chairman Tom Perez endorsed Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the convention as he faces Cynthia Nixon in a primary of his own.

“Even the DNC Chair broke the committee’s own principle of not endorsing in primaries by putting his thumb on the scale for Cuomo,” she said. “I’ve never been welcome in Andrew Cuomo’s party, so we know what that will mean for the Attorney General’s race.”