Gov. Andrew Cuomo sidestepped a question Tuesday about his Democratic primary opponent Cynthia Nixon, insisting he was focusing on his record and his plans for a third term.

“It’s not for me to comment on my opponent,” Cuomo said. “This is democracy. All sorts of people across the country are running. I’m here to talk about what I’ve done and what i’m going to do.”

Cuomo ticked off the last eight years’ of accomplishments, including the passage of same-sex marriage and paid family leave in New York as well as the SAFE Act gun control package.

“We have made New York the most progressive state in the United States of America,” Cuomo said. “That’s my record, that’s what I’ve done. And if someone has a better record, God bless them.”

Cuomo this week is make a push for a gun control measure meant to keep guns away from those deemed to be too dangerous, appearing at schools as part of an effort to promote the legislation, the chances of which he has been openly skeptical of passing in the Senate, controlled by Republicans.

Overall, Cuomo has largely avoided criticizing Nixon in public venues, though his campaign has released statements drawing contrasts on her public statements regarding issues like the tax cap.

Nixon, an actress and public education advocate, has been critical of Cuomo in part for what she contended are watered-down compromises on issues like the minimum wage increase. She has also argued that if Cuomo pushed for a Democratic Senate earlier, the results would have been better.