Gov. Andrew Cuomo continued to pick up more nods from his traditional allies in the private-sector labor movement, receiving the backing of The New York State Building & Construction Trades Council on Wendesday as he seeks a third term.

The labor group pointed to Cuomo’s push for a minimum wage of $15 and added infrastructure spending in New York.

“Governor Cuomo has a long record of standing up for the working men and women of New York,” said the group’s president, James Cahill.

“From paid family leave to a $15 minimum wage to a $150 billion plan to rebuild New York, he has fought for and protected workers’ rights at every turn, and the members of New York’s Building Trades unions are confident that he will continue to lead the way.”

The labor group represents 200,000 unionized construction workers.

Cuomo has traditionally drawn support from labor groups like the Building And Construction Trades Council and his re-election bid in part is geared toward bolstering his ties with labor unions. Cuomo has had a strained relationship at times with public-sector labor groups, though those battles have largely subsided this year.