Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a gaggle with reporters on Monday said he was “personally offended” by the policy of separating families at the southern border, calling it “repugnant” to American values.

The family separation policy was formally ended by President Donald Trump through executive action last week, but families remain separated from each other.

“We’re people, we’re citizens, we’re human beings,” Cuomo said. “We treat other human beings a certain way. We are better than this as a people. I’m personally offended. Not politically offended. Nothing this administration does could surprise me politically. I’m personally offended.”

Cuomo has visited one of the New York-based facilities where several children are residing and has urged the Department of Health and Human Services to give state officials an accurate count of the children who have been sent to the state and allow officials to provide aid and support.

Meanwhile, Cuomo insisted he was working to make New York “the great place it should be” again with major infrastructure projects, such as a replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge, an overhaul of LaGuardia Airport and other efforts underway.

“These are undeniable signs of progress and competence,” Cuomo said. “I think once people have that confidence renewed, you’re going to see much more support to make New York the great place it should be once again.”