Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday once again urged Republicans in the state Senate to take up a gun control measure, saying they have to compromise on major legislation with Democrats in chamber in order to accomplish anything.

“Right now the Senate is in a state of confusion as opposed to the state of New York. Right now the Republicans don’t have a majority, it’s a deadlock,” Cuomo told reporters in New York City. “I’ve been talking to them, I’ve been prodding them to compromise. But they need to compromise. That’s what makes the situation different.”

Republicans are down one member, with the absence of Sen. Tom Croci, who has departed for military duty. That leaves the Senate with 31 members apiece in the Republican and Democratic conferences. In the 63-member chamber, it takes 32 votes to pass anything.

Cuomo has over the last week pushed Republicans to take up the “red flag” gun control bill that is meant to prevent dangerous people from possessing a firearm. Some Senate Republicans question the bill, however, and whether it’s necessary.

“They don’t like that I’m pushing them to pass legislation and I’m going to the people in the state to push them to pass legislation,” Cuomo said.

The legislation cleared the Assembly on Wednesday with the support of 14 Republicans.

Cuomo also reacted to the Siena College poll this morning that showed him with a 35-percentage point lead over his Democratic primary rival Cynthia Nixon.

“Well, I think I’m doing very well,” Cuomo said, adding he also wants to see Democrats reap gains in the state Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.