The end of the legislative session in Albany is often punctuated with some kabuki-like posturing, blow-ups for effect, followed by the inevitable kumbaya press conference outlining the framework of a deal.

It’s still excruciatingly early to declare the session’s end dead on arrival, but it certainly appears that way.

The top legislative leaders in the Senate and Assembly are at odds over a variety of measures, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been criticizing Republicans outside of Albany over his gun control legislation.

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, who is trying to maintain his conference’s fragile advantage in the chamber this year, released a lengthy statement slamming Cuomo’s rhetoric over the last week.Flanagan

“In the final year of his second term as the state’s Chief Executive, Andrew Cuomo is driven by two things: his extraordinary disdain for anyone who does not agree with him, especially the Legislature, and Cynthia Nixon,” Flanagan said. “He has put politics ahead of the public interest, and made it virtually impossible to achieve meaningful progress for the people of the state.”

It’s not a new critique of Cuomo, but it is an eyebrow-raising one from Flanagan, who has become increasingly upset with Cuomo’s emphasize of issues that are friendly to his liberal base.

Flanagan insisted Cuomo has not sought to reach out in a meaningful way to Republicans on the gun control bill he’s been advocating for to key Republican lawmakers.

“Instead, the Governor made only perfunctory outreach to me and then hit the road to attack the character and integrity of every member of our Senate Majority,” Flanagan said. “He travels the state on the taxpayer dime performing a monologue, when the hard work of governing actually requires a dialogue.”

The session ends June 20, which is a lot of time by Albany standards for deals to be reached. But with the election season already entangling things here months ago, deals may be more elusive than in years past.