From the Morning Memo:

Western New York Democratic Rep. Brian Higgins laid into the House Republican 2019 budget plan during a Budget Committee markup meeting yesterday.

Higgins was openly critical about proposed cuts to Medicaid and Social Security, as well as the GOP infrastructure plan. He said his colleagues across the aisle are proposing the cuts to make up for the tax reform bill passed last year, which, he said, added $1.9 trillion to the federal deficit over the next decade.

“We are told that these tax cuts would pay for themselves through the magic of dynamic scoring, or rebranded supply side trickle-down economics,” Higgins said. “Obviously, that has not worked, and it’s not going to work here. Now, because of the debt and deficit that they created, they’re going after, big shock, Medicare.”

The congressman said plans to give seniors vouchers to purchase their own insurance in place of the federal plan is flawed because they have preexisting conditions. He said that is why Medicare was established in the first place.

“Prior to 1965, it was very difficult for somebody that was an older American to purchase a health insurance policy, because health insurance companies didn’t want to write a policy for someone who is older and sicker, and has a higher utilization rate and mostly has pre-existing conditions,” Higgins said.

Meanwhile, the congressman said that even though the president promised major infrastructure investment during his campaign in 2016, the actual bill represents a $200 billion investment over a decade. That, he said, is roughly the same amount of money the country invested in roads and bridges in Afghanistan.

Higgins called this an “appalling lack of commitment,” and said the federal government should be spending $1.5 trillion for infrastructure upgrades, maintaining that doing so would create 34.5 million jobs over five years.